• ISI Marked LED Module

    “ISI Marked LED Module Conforming to IS: 16103 Part(1 & 2): 2012, have dedicated Inbuilt Alloy Aluminum Heat Sink suitable for continuous operations at an ambient temperature of 50°C for guaranteed Optical Performance in Indian conditions.
    Modular Construction allows flexible luminaire design to use one or multiple LED Modules.
    BAT WING Optical distribution to ensure uniform illumination on the reference plane allowing higher pole to pole distance to achieve lower power consumption per km for any given road type.”

  • LED Flood Lights

    LED Flood lights are designed to illuminate a large area as in high mast application, facade illumination, large open area, sports lighting etc. These lights are made of high power Cree LEDs with aluminum extruded heat sink for proper heat dissipation. The enclosure is made up of aluminum. The construction is modular with independent IP67 LED Module and replaceable Driver.

  • LED High Bay Lights

    These are extremely useful lights for industrial lighting. We offer solutions at only 1.3 Watt Per Sq. Mtr for achieving an average Lux level of 100. These High Bay lights are Explosion Proof can be safely used in Hazardous Environment in presences of inflammable gases.

  • LED Street Lights

    Our Street Lights are designed to produce a spread ratio of 6. It Simply means that if the mounting height of ELEKTRON Street Light is say 7.5 mts, It shall be suitable to illuminate a spread of 7.5 mts. X 6 times = 45 mts. This implies that Pole to Pole distance can be increased substantially & enormous savings can be achieved by bringing down the total Capital Cost for Road Lighting.

Elektron Lighting Systems Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by the Paragon Group, who have serviced the nation for the past Five decades in Electrical Field by manufacturing & supplying Wires & Cables.

Having felt the need to conserve Energy for our Country, we at Elektron bring to India, World's best products for LED lighting. Committed to supply only the most reliable equipment. We remain in constant pursuit towards identifying new technologies in Lighting, to achieve best illumination at lowest energy consumption.